About Home Academy Kids

Home Academy Kids provide live online interactive tuition for children between 2 – 5 years old

* Live online lessons from experienced tutors

* Interaction with peers

* Class based learning

* Affordable price


Classes split into groups by age

Lessons cover Reading, Writing, Maths, English, Science and Art


Book your free introduction lessons on our website

Visit www.homeacademykids.com, email hello@homeacademykids.com or call us on 01733 286 706


We do take your credit card information to help validate your details. No money is taken from your account until your child attends the second class.

Validation steps:

  1. Book interest on web form
  2. Select the preferred interview date and time
  3. Enter credit card details (for use to validate you)
  4. Attend short 10 min interview with the child
  5. Arrange a free introduction lesson
  6. Attend the free introduction lesson
  7. The fee is taken on the second day


Classes are a half-hour long. The child attends the same slot five days per week Mon-Fri. We allocate slots depending on availability. The child gets an additional task to perform during the day and bring to the next class

Current timetable (30 minutes within these 1-hour slots)





Students develop a strong foundation for English language literacy by learning the alphabet and basic parts of speech. The course allows students to establish reading and writing skills.



Our kindergarten social studies class explains social groups and interactions with family, neighbors, and communities. This course prepares students to interact with the world around the