What do you accept as payment?

We accept most credit and debit cards

Why do I have to enter a credit card to take advantage of the free trial?

We need to validate who you are since you will be attending with other children

Who needs to attend the initial interview?

Both you and the child

Who needs to attend class?

Ideally, the parent and child attend the first few classes until your child is comfortable. After this, the parent should just be within earshot.

Can I attend classes in country A if I’m located in country B?

No, unfortunately this is not possible at present

How do you handle potential misbehaving children?

We generally are quite flexible but discourage this by implementing sanctions such as stopping the kids joining from a day or a few days depending on the circumstances. Persistent behavior could lead to permanent exclusion.

My child finds it difficult to pay attention during lessons?

Depending on child’s age they tend not to stay in one place for long and tend to go away do other things and come back to the class. This is fine you’ll be surprised how much they are learning even if they seem like they are not paying attention.

Do the kids get a chance to meet each other online?

Yes we encourage the kids to say talk to each other in our interactive sessions

I have a complaint or concern where do I go?

Please contact our customer service in the first instance

How do I register?

Use the online web form which can be found here 

Once registered what is the process?

  1. Book interest on the web form
  2. Select the preferred interview date and time
  3. Enter credit card details (for use to validate you only)
  4. Attend short 10 min interview with the child
  5. Free introduction lesson arranged
  6. Start your free introduction lessons