Toddler Curriculum Guide

Personal, Social | Making Relationships and Emotional

  • Our Classes your Child will :
  • learn to play cooperatively with a familiar adult
  • To keep play going by responding to what others are saying or doing To demonstrate friendly behavior, initiating conversations, and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults
  • To have the growing ability to soothe themselves, and may like to use a comfort object To understand ‘yes’, ‘no’ and some boundaries


  • To move the whole body to sounds he/she enjoys, such as music or regular beat
  • To have a strong exploratory impulse
  • To concentrate intently on an object or activity of his/her own choosing for short periods of time
  •  To pay attention to dominant stimulus-easily distracted by noises or other people
  • talking To listen to and enjoy rhythmic patterns in rhymes and stories To enjoy rhymes and demonstrates listening by trying to join in with actions or vocalizations
  • To listen with interest to the noises adults make when they read stories
  •  To recognize and respond to many familiar sounds